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The health of the equine foot can be restored and maintained without shoes, but how do we accomplish this in New England? The question should be asked, "can my horse go without shoes?" The answer should be, "it depends" ... as owner commitment, environment, discipline and the trim all play a role into the successful transition of a horse going barefoot.

One of the most important elements in transitioning a horse to barefoot is letting it have the time it needs to restore the damaged hoof and foot.  And don't be fooled, horses that have been barefoot for a long time don't always have great feet, they too must take time to heal in order to function properly if the structure is not and has not been healthy in the past.



There are a variety of tools to help your horse go over varied terrain if they need a little help while being ridden. The horse is healthiest if it can be bare on the off time, which is most of the time! There are so many styles of boots as well as glue on shoe options when necessary. This is what you pay the trimmer for, their knowledge in all these areas as it can seem overwhelming for the average horse owner.


There is no greater joy than being one with your horse, no hoof no horse, so keeping them sound is always the number one priority. However you get there is a journey, some horses have been sound their entire lives and others may struggle to have good hooves. Either way it is up to us to listen and learn and be the humble student of the horse, as in the end the horse is always right.