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  • - Started riding and competing at the age of 6 in Pony Club; went on to compete in the A circuit in CT, NY and Long Island until I was 16 in Pony Hunter. 

  • - Graduated from the University of New Hampshire in 1996 with a Bachelor of Science Degree

  • - Have worked and studied abroad; speak both basic Spanish and French

  • - Have worked in corporate America for 12 years now, currently hold a job at Frito-Lay in HR and Payroll during the day (pays for the benefits!)

  • - Hold a Massachusetts Riding Instructor License; have renewed every year since 2002

  • - Officially passed Level 1 of Parelli Natural Horsemanship with Donn Knapp as the instructor in October 2005
  • - Have studied with Jack Brainard for three years in a row studying the art of reining and flying changes. To view more on Jack go to http://www.jackbrainard.com/index.html

- Officially passed Level 2 of Parelli Natural Horsemanship in December 2006 with Nita Jo Rush as the instructor http://www.pnhsavvy.com/
-Have studied with clinician Mark Russell for 3 consecutive years. His book Lessons in Lightness is a must read for classical riding. To view more on Mark Russell go www.naturaldressage.com

- Attended a Karen Rohlf clinic http://www.dressagenaturally.net/ in June 2010 at Ladd Farm http://www.laddfarmllc.com

-Have been lucky enough to ride with Georges Malleroni 2009 - 2016   http://www.eealcainca.pt/index.php?id=5; spent 2 weeks studying with him in Portugal in 2013.