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  • 5/04 Started studying about hoofcare with KC LaPierre and completed my first trimming clinic with the goal of taking care of my own horse's feet. 
  • 10/05 Attended a Pete Ramey Trimming clinic in Vermont. For more information http://www.hoofrehab.com/ 
  • 4/06 Graduated from the International Institute of Equine Podiatry in April 2006. For more information please go http://www.appliedequinepodiatry.org
  • 2/07 Attended the 27th Annual Veterinarian and Technician Conference on Lameness at the Myhre Equine Clinic in Rochester, NH featuring Dr.Sue Dyson                   
  • 3/07 Attended the North East Equestrian Expo and watched a demo on applying the Epona Shoe; for more info go to www.eponashoe.com
  • 3/07 Attended a Level 2 Natural Balance Trimming clinic and became officially certified as a Natural Balance Trimmer with Gene Ovnicek in Colorado http://www.hopeforsoundness.com/
  • 6/07 Completed a 5 day continuing education course with KC LaPierre in Tyngsboro MA
  • 4/08 Completed a 5 day continuing education course with KC LaPierre in Pennsylvania; learned how to apply 'perfect hoofwear'.
  • 5/08 Completed a 3 day course with Gene Ovnicek in Vermont
  • 5/09 Helped host the IIAEP (International Institute of Applied Equine Podiatry) 3 day course in Billerica, MA.
  • 9/10 Completed a 3 day Epona Shoeing Clinic at the Epona Institute in Paso Robles, CA; learned how to apply the Epona Shoe. For more information go to www.eponashoe.com
  • 2/14 Completed an Easy Shoe glue on clinic with Daisy Bicking www.daisyhavenfarm.com
  • 3/14 Delivered a presentation, as the guest speaker, on the application of hoof casting; case studies and its different uses for the Southern New England Farrier's Association's March meeting. I am also a member of SNEFA  http://www.snefa.org/
  • 4/14 Graduated from a 2 week course at the Oklahoma Farrier School in Purcell, OK   http://www.horseshoes.net
  • 6/14 Attended a Pete Ramey clinic in Boxford MA; having several private clients evaluated and worked on; learned different booting and gluing techniques http://www.hoofrehab.com/ 
  • 1/15 Attended a 'How To Identify Hoof Distortion' clinic with Daisy Bicking in Boxford, MA www.daisyhavenfarm.com