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What is the Cost?

$65.00 per trim unless you have 2 or more horses, the cost is $50 per horse.

Are supplies included?

I fit boots and recommend ordering from Easycare http://www.easycareinc.com/ . 

 I also apply the perfect hoofwear http://www.appliedequinepodiatry.org/perfecthoofwear/index.html and the Eponas Shoe  http://www.eponashoe.com/index.html .

What to expect on my first visit:

1) The horse will be walked and/or trotted off for a gait analysis

2) Pictures may be taken of the initial hooves before the trim. Hoof testers may be used to determine any sensitivity

3) The horse is trimmed

4) After the trim the horse is walked and/or trotted off again

5) Recommendations are given to the owner and any hoofcare protocol including rehabilitation when necessary

6) The next appointment is scheduled